Pride for Parents Toy Store – 2017

It is once again time for our annual Pride for Parents Toy Store! We are so excited about this year as North Raleigh Church of Christ will be joining us in providing toys to families in our area. The dates for the store this year will be December 4th – December 16th.

You will find detailed information regarding dates and times each location is open, how to shop, and how to volunteer at the store at

Informational flyers are available:

Friends of Pride for Parents (how you can help with the store) English Spanish
PFP-Who Can Shop? (requirements for shopping) English Spanish

Some common questions have already been answered below. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact

Katie McAnally (store manager)
   – or –
Amy Otto

Common Questions

Why do you charge for toys? Shouldn’t we just give them away?

Our toy store operates on a different model than most of the other Christmas toy programs out there. In short, the reason for that is because our store isn’t just about the kids — it’s about the parents too. As a society, we tend to be so desperately willing to help kids in need that we often leave parents feeling shamed and worthless. One of the biggest purposes of our store is to reach out in a way that is all about leaving families feeling whole and empowered. For us, that means charging parents (a very discounted price) for the high quality toys their child will receive. We then turn around and use that money to buy toys for the following year.

If you are using the money to buy toys the next year, why do you ask us to donate every year?

All of the toys we sell are heavily discounted. Simply put, we can’t take the $5 we made from selling an Easy Bake Oven last year, to go buy a new Easy Bake Oven, because they retail for $25. With the money we earned last year, we can only buy about 30-40% of the toys we need to restock our shelves for the coming year — and that is with shopping and looking for deals ALL YEAR LONG and trying to stretch every penny. We try to use our money very wisely to maximize the number of families we can serve, but we need help every year to keep it going. Plus, every donation has a two year life — the toys you donate this year will go to a family who needs them, and the money made from that toy will help us start stocking for next year!

Some communications have emphasized "high quality, new toys". What’s up with that and what does it even mean?

What makes something a high quality toy? When you are picking out an item to donate, take a look and ask yourself, "Would I be excited to give this to my child/grandchild/niece or nephew/someone I love?" If the answer is yes, it’s perfect! High quality does not have to mean expensive. It just means it was chosen with consideration of the needs of the recipient in mind.

Our specific goal to provide high quality toys stems from the fact our program aims to serve not just kids, but empower their parents as well. As such, we try to provide toys that parents are PROUD to give their kids.

Is there more to this than just giving toys/helping parents?

At all times during store hours, we have someone available to pray with anyone who comes in that needs it. The Pride for Parents Toy Store is in many ways an extension of the work being done in the Food Pantry and Clothing Closet. Many of the families that use those services also come to our location for the toy store. This provides an opportunity to continue working with families we are already reaching, as well helping new ones find us. At its most basic the store is us providing for a need and showing families that we are doing the work of Jesus by loving our neighbors. The longer we do this, however, the more opportunities we have to build deeper relationships which are a vital component of sharing not just the work of Jesus, but also the Word of God.