Discipleship at Brooks

DEEP describes our process for moving people into deeper relationship with God.

We Devote ourselves to God through worship and life commitment.

We Engage one another through meaningful community in small groups.

We Extend ourselves to others in service.

Leading us to Proclaim the God who has called us out of darkness and into his marvelous light!


At the heart of devotion to God is the gathering of believers for worship. It is in worship, as our hearts and minds are centered on our Father, that we are challenged to deeper commitment in our relationship with him. Worship is the heart of congregational life and at Brooks Ave. we strive to offer an atmosphere of worship that is meaningful and vital. Worship itself can inspire us to love more deeply the Father who has loved us first!  We encourage our family members to take seriously the call to worship God.


We engage one another in community through spiritually transforming small groups that focus on life application of the Scriptures, celebrate our fellowship in Christ, and encourage involvement in one another’s lives.


We then want to move people from mutual involvement in one another’s lives to ministry in serving others. Serving was the mind of Christ and we believe that growing deeper in our relationship with God involves looking beyond ourselves in serving the needs of others. At Brooks Ave. we provide numerous opportunities for growing deeper through serving others


A deeper relationship with the Father moves us to “declare the praises of him who called us out of darkness into his marvelous light.” Sharing our faith should be the natural outgrowth of a growing and deepening relationship with God, a natural expression of our love for God. At Brooks Ave. we encourage and equip disciples to freely and naturally share their faith with others.