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17B01T24A2017-11-26Gratitude and Grace (Lk.17:11-19)Dennis Conner
17B01T23B2017-11-19OneInLove17One In Love #10: Love Does Not Retaliate (Rom.12:14)Dennis Conner
17B01T23A2017-11-12Impact of Evangelism MissionsSantiago Sameon
17B01T22A2017-11-05Risk and Reconciliation (2 Tim.4:11)Jeremy Geurin
17B01T21A2017-10-29OneInLove17One In Love #9:Harmony and Humility (Rom.12:16)Dennis Conner
17B01T20B2017-10-22Living Here, but Citizenship There (Phil.3:20)Gladwyn Kiddoe
17B01T20A2017-10-15OneInLove17One In Love #8: The With-Ness of Love (Rom.12:15)Dennis Conner
17B01T19B2017-10-08Wind #5: SYNC-ing with the Holy SpiritCarl Etchison
17B01T19A2017-09-24OneInLove17One In Love #6: Love Perseveres (Rom.12:12)Dennis Conner
17B01T18B2017-09-17OneInLove17One In Love #5: Love On Fire (Rom.12:11)Dennis Conner
17B01T18A2017-09-03OneInLove17One In Love #4: Love Honors (Rom.12:10b)Dennis Conner
17B01T17B2017-08-27Never Give Up (Gal.6:7-9)Jeremy Geurin
17B01T17A2017-08-20OneInLove17One In Love #3: Love is Devoted (Rom.12:10)Dennis Conner
17B01T16B2017-08-13OneInLove17One In Love #2:Love Is Discerning (Rom.12:9b)Dennis Conner
17B01T16A2017-08-06OneInLove17One In Love #1: Taking off the Mask (Rom.12:9-21)Dennis Conner
17B01T15B2017-07-30Ministry Along the Way (Mk.5:21-43)Dennis Conner
17B01T15A2017-07-23Prayer of Prayers (Matt.6:9-13)Brian Cunningham
17B01T14B2017-07-16Only Believe (Mk.5:21-43)Dennis Conner
17B01T14A2017-07-09Expect the Unexpected (2 Tim.4:1-2)J.Geurin/M.Dove
17B01T13B2017-07-02Praise: Priority of Life and Prayer (Ps.103)Brian Cunningham
17B01T13A2017-06-25The Waiting is the Hardest Part (Rom.8:18-39)Dennis Conner
17B01T12B2017-06-18The First Sermon (Acts 2:14-39)Dennis Conner
17B01T12A2017-06-11Seeking the Good of the City (Jer.29:7)D.Conner+N.Otto
17B01T11B2017-06-04Where Does My Help Come From? (Ps.121)Jeremy Geurin
17B01T11A2017-05-28A Certain Hope for Uncertain Times (Heb.6:13-20)Dennis Conner