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18B01T11A2018-06-03Trusting in the Lord (1 Cor. 10:13)Jeremy Geurin
18B01T10B2018-05-27Radical#2:Called to Love (Jn.13:31-38)Dennis Conner
18B01T10A2018-05-13Caleb - A Man Who Believed God (Num.14:24)Brian Cunningham
18B01T09B2018-05-06Knowing Christ and the Shared Life (Phil.3:4-11)Dennis Conner
18B01T09A2018-04-29The God of Recovery (Is.57:15-19)Dennis Conner
18B01T08B2018-04-22Such As These (Matt.19:13-14)Dennis Conner
18B01T08A2018-04-15Meeting Jesus (Matt.25:31-46)Dennis Conner
18B01T07B2018-04-08LTC SundayJosiah/Will/Sam/Justin
18B01T07A2018-04-01From the Darkness to the Light (Mk.15:33-41;16:1-7)Dennis Conner
18B01T06B2018-03-25God's Faithful Love (Ps.118:1-29)Dennis Conner
18B01T06A2018-03-18Shepherds of God's Flock (1 Pet.5:1-4)Dennis Conner
18B01T05B2018-03-11A Noble Task (1 Tim.3:1)Dennis Conner
18B01T05A2018-03-04Along the Road With Jesus (Lk.9:51;57-62)Dennis Conner
18B01T04B2018-02-25The Call and the Catch (Lk.5:1-11)Brian Cunningham
18B01T04A2018-02-18The Way of the Call (Lk.9:18-27)Dennis Conner
18B01T03A2018-02-04The Call To Mission (Lk.9:23;Mt.28:18-20)Dennis Conner
18B01T02B2018-01-28The Father's Love (1 Jn.3:1-3)Dennis Conner
18B01T02A2018-01-21Doubters are Worshipers, Too! (Mt.11:1-11)Dennis Conner
18B01T01B2018-01-14Your Cares Are Mine (1 Cor.12:24b-26)Dennis Conner
18B01T01A2018-01-07There's Power In That Name! (Acts 3:1-10)Dennis Conner
17B01T26B2017-12-31God Is For Us (Rom.8:28-39)Dennis Conner
17B01T26A2017-12-24Light17Light#3:Living as Children of Light (Eph.5:8-14)Dennis Conner
17B01T25B2017-12-17Light17Light#2:The Light of His Glory (Jn.1:14)Dennis Conner
17B01T25A2017-12-10Light17Light#1:The Light in the Darkness Shines! (Jn.1:5,9)Dennis Conner
17B01T24B2017-12-03Dare to Dream (Rom. 12)Dennis Conner