January 2011 Study on the eldership by the shepherds

Class 1: 1/09/11: Eldership Qualifications (John Greenwood)

Class 2: 1/16/11: Roles of Elder (Lance Bailey)

Class 3: 1/23/11: A Practical Life of An Elder (Jerry Smiley)

Class 4: 1/30/11: The Heart of an Elder (Bill Stuart)

Selected lessons on elders from "Studies on the Lord’s Church, the ‘Called
Out’ people of God" in 2010 by the current elders:

Elders from Studies on the Lord’s church (177KB PDF)

This class on the qualities and qualifications of elders was first taught in
2004 and was repeated as part of the 2005 elder selection process.

PowerPoint Presentation (PDF) Audio from class (MP3)