New Christians

Bible classes are a vital part of the ministry of this church. Our teachers are dedicated men and women whose aim is to help each student know Christ in a personal way and learn the practical skills of daily Christian living.

Following the example of Jesus, we work to provide a Biblical curriculum that will help people to be spiritually healthy, emotionally stable, socially balanced and physically strong. It is our goal to minister to the whole person and to promote a process by which God can change our sinful nature into the likeness of Jesus Christ.

This class focuses on the needs of new Christians and is discussion oriented.


01 - Saved By Grace Through FaithSession notes (PDF)
02 - Working Out Your SalvationSession notes (PDF)
03 - Sin, Temptation, and the Christian WalkSession notes (PDF)
04 - Drawing Near to God with Prayer and FastingSession notes (PDF)
05 - The Word of God and The Body of ChristSession notes (PDF)
06 - The Body of ChristSession notes (PDF)
07 - Fix Your Eyes on Jesus - Our Hope in ChristSession notes (PDF)