At Brooks Avenue, we are blessed to be served by an eldership of men, supported by their wives and families who diligently work to shepherd the congregation.

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Ron Altman


I grew up in Summerville, SC where God started a new congregation with my father and a group of Christians. The Summerville church of Christ is where I was baptized at 11, and my parents worked there from 1968 until retirement in 1995. I attended Harding University and graduated in 1983 with a BA in Business Systems Analysis. I received my MBA in 2007 from Harding University with a concentration in Health Care Management. I worked for a medical diagnostic company for 31 years in Accounting and IT, before moving to SAS in Cary. I met my future bride, Missy, at Palmetto Bible Camp in 1979 and God had a plan that we would reconnect in 1982 after years of friendship. We were married in June of 1986 and moved to Cary, NC where we have lived ever since. We were blessed with raising 3 boys: Trace, Drew and Jackson. We now have 2 daughters-in-law and 3 grandchildren who bring us much joy.

We have attended Brooks Avenue since 1995, and I have taught many age groups and have served in multiple roles such as Adult Education coordinator. My areas of focus in my current walk would be education and family life ministries, but I am always willing to enter the doors that God opens. The Brooks family has helped us to raise our sons and teach them about His grace and love in our differences. I was blessed to be the son of a grace preaching church of Christ minister, and the message is just as relevant today. I want to continue in whatever ways that God sees fit in telling others about God’s love and grace through Jesus Christ. I want to share that I have messed things up, but with God’s help I can continue to change and grow in my faith, giving all the praise and glory to God.



Lancelot, Myrna and Lancelot Jr. were all baptized at the Portmore Church of Christ in Independence City, St. Catherine Jamaica. Matthew was baptized at the Ewarton Church of Christ in Jamaica, Delsie-Anne at Garner Church of Christ (NC) and Desiree here at Brooks Avenue Church of Christ.

We believe that God brought us to the Brooks Avenue Church of Christ, and we are determined to glorify Him alone, through our lives.



I committed my life to Jesus at the age of twelve.  I’m a preacher’s kid who grew up in Taylorsville NC where my father and mother started a congregation shortly after college.  I came to NC State to study Industrial Design and became a part of the Brooks Avenue body of Christ in 1981.  I have been a part of this body ever since.  I met my wife, Kathy, here at that time and we were married in 1985.   Our two children were born here as well, Kayla in 1989 and Grant in 1992.  This body has had a part in maturing them as Christ followers and both put their Lord on in baptism in their early teens.  Professionally, after much prayer and planning, I began my own industrial design consulting firm, Idea Logic, in 1996.  Kathy and I have learned much about trusting God in the years since!

Brooks Avenue has been my spiritual family for most of my life. I have learned to love Jesus more fully through teaching, relationships and examples here.  I served for about a decade as a youth deacon and, in recent years, as a deacon in campus ministry.  I love this body and know that I am loved in return.  Kathy and I are committed to serving the Father here.  My vision for Brooks Avenue is that the fruit of the Spirit be seen in us in increasing measure.  I want to nurture a culture that loves Jesus, has a fervent love for each other, is bold and unafraid, has a deep respect for and knowledge of the word, has a burning desire to show Jesus’ love to all around us, and is characterized by joy.  I look forward to all that the Father will do with us in the future.

Mike Loeffler


I was raised in Chapel Hill, NC by my parents Larry and Carol Loeffler. My dad was a professor at UNC and my mother worked as a secretary for a church and eventually at UNC. I met my wife, Anna, when we were 14 years old and we basically dated throughout high school and college and were married in 1986.
Both Anna and I attended UNC-Chapel Hill, graduated in 1986, married, moved to Raleigh, and began attending Brooks. I was baptized shortly after coming to Brooks and we lived in Raleigh for 2 years (me working at a psychiatric hospital and Anna teaching kindergarten) and then we moved to West Virginia for 2 years where I attended graduate school. While in WV we attended the Madigan Ave. Church of Christ. I moved back to Raleigh in the summer of 1990. We began attending Brooks again and have been blessed to have worshipped together with all of you since that time.

I would say that since the birth of our children, my efforts and energy have been focused in raising our children with the knowledge that they are richly loved by their parents but most of all by God. My wife, Anna, has many times been a source of spiritual direction in our family by her continued commitment to Christ and kindness shown to others. She is truly the finest person I know and am undeserving of this rich blessing from God. Our children attended public schools with our third daughter Ava being born in 1998. Anna and I made the choice to have her stay at home with the children through most of their schooling and Anna returned to work with Wake county schools when Ava was in elementary school. I have worked as a counselor in emergency services at a psychiatric hospital since we returned to Raleigh in 1990.

Through the challenges of raising children my church family at Brooks has been a continual source of instruction, encouragement, and unconditional love. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to so many over the years who shown Christ’s love to me and my family.



I desire to serve God in any capacity is His desire. I was taught as a new disciple by my mentor to prepare to serve the Lord by growing spiritually and God would use me in accordance with His will. I have asked God to lead me in the way He wants me to go. I yield to His will.

I believe God prepared me for this service. I believe God calls us to help wherever there is need – from preaching to wiping little bottoms.

EVERYTHING is because of the LOVE OF CHRIST. Praise His name.