2017 Sermon Series

February 12:  “Call to Consecration” (Rom. 12:1)

 Ken Durham writes, “In every person’s life, there is an altar. It’s the place where we identify our highest value, our god above all gods, and pay homage…show reverence…worship. We worship what we live for, and we live for what we worship.” An altar is a place of sacrifice, but here Paul is not thinking primarily of giving up something; rather, he’s calling us to give ourselves to something. That something is the giving of our whole being to the serving of God. He is to be our highest value, our God above all gods, to whom we pay homage by living for him with the sum total of our being!

February 19:  “The Transformed Life” (Rom. 12:2a)

 It has been said that we can either be thermometers that simply register the temperature of the status quo, or thermostats that transform and regulate the temperature of the world around us. This is the choice between being conformed to the world or being transformed into the image of Christ; the one who has been justified by grace is called to be transformed. Yet, we see so much of the world in the church collectively and the lives of Christians individually. The life that has been offered up on the altar of God is meant to be a different life, a fundamentally changed life that demonstrates to the world a different way of being; we are called to a holy non-conformity! Rather than looking like the world, we are to look like Jesus!

February 26:  “The Path to Renewal” (Rom. 12:2b)

What is the key to spiritual and life transformation? It begins with a renewed mind. When our thinking changes, our actions change. When we become a new creation in Christ the Holy Spirit is unleashed in our lives, giving us the ability to understand the things of God. A renewed mind is a mind that is opened by the Spirit of God to a new reality, leading us to see the world and life and people through the eyes of God. So, it matters what we fill our minds with! The challenge in this message is to fill our minds with the holy things of God. No garbage in, no garbage out!


April 2017
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