Elder Contact Groups

At Brooks Avenue, we are blessed to be served by an eldership of men, supported by their wives and families who diligently work to shepherd the congregation.

Each family of the Brooks Avenue congregation has a default elder contact. If you are already being shepherded by another elder, this does not replace this relationship. This grouping is also used for visitor and potential new member follow-up.

Contact groupings

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A through Dennis Conner Lonnie Watkins
Dora Conner through Don Hicks Bill Stuart
Ellen Hill through Mark McGee Dennis Conner
Earl McNelty through Victoria Shaw Brad Forrest
Carolyn Shierling through Young Lancelot Bailey

The Elders are organized into two working groups:

Lance and Lonnie Bill and Brad


Ministries have a primary elder contact bringing decisions and updates to their working group.

Elder Contact
Adult Education
Children’s Education Lonnie
College Brad
Food ministry
Greeters Bill
Helping Hands Lonnie
Involvement Brad
Journey Groups Lonnie
Men’s ministry Lance
Missions Bill
Office Bill
Operating Committee
Safety Bill
Special Needs Lonnie
Technology Bill
Urban Brad
Visitation Lance
Worship Lance
Youth Brad
April 2017
Recent/Upcoming Events
  • Thu Apr 27, 2017 – Jeffrey Dale Memorial Service
    12:15 pm, General Public
  • Thu Apr 27, 2017 – Zumba Classes
    6:15 pm, General Public
  • Fri Apr 28, 2017 – Friday Night Lights
    6:00 pm, Youth
  • Sun Apr 30, 2017 – Heart of Song Class
    9:30 am, Congregation
  • Sun Apr 30, 2017 – Fifth Sunday Food Drive
    10:30 am, Congregation
  • Sun Apr 30, 2017 – Potluck For Smiley Family
    12:00 pm, Congregation
  • Mon May 1, 2017 – Zumba Classes
    6:15 pm, General Public
  • Mon May 1, 2017 – Discipleship / Evangelism Group
    6:30 pm, Campus
  • Mon May 1, 2017 – Coffee & Jesus
    7:00 pm, Congregation
  • Tue May 2, 2017 – Ladies Bible Class
    10:00 am, Ladies
  • Thu May 4, 2017 – Zumba Classes
    6:15 pm, General Public